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Plans for Twitter’s first ‘studio originated content series’

Twitter is a platform that is constantly changing, with fresh content constantly on offer, and new ways of consuming and advertising material always evolving.

Independent digital studio Believe Entertainment Group (BE Group) announced on October 17 plans for an ongoing original content series named EpicEDM, which would feature top electronic dance music (EDM) artists and festivals worldwide.

This will be the first studio originated content series which has been "designed specifically" for Twitter, and is expected to premiere in late 2012.

EpicEDM aims to be the "inside source for all things EDM", with the new series featuring on @EpicEDM with a range of content providing "24/7 EDM insider access".

"The social media space is at the heart of this massive, global movement, so it made sense to us to curate an EDM series on the same social media platform that continues to fuel its growth," Believe Entertainment Group co-founder Dan Goodman said.

"Our approach with Twitter is to own the social engagement around this movement."

Believe Entertainment Group will be utilising Twitter's entire promoted suite of products including interest and geo targeting to allow EpicEDM to engage better with fans through real-time conversations and showcasing the best content.

"We’re building where the EDM community and DJs already intersect to amplify what’s happening," co-founder of Believe Entertainment Group William H. Masterson III said.

"The goal is to create a unifying platform for the artists, fans and everyone involved in the EDM explosion that serves as a dedicated place to share the best things happening anywhere, at any given time in the EDM world."

Believe Entertainment is behind popular series such as In the Booth –  featuring iconic DJ Tiesto – premiering on YouTube with over 70 million views in its first three months.

The digital studio is also set to launch an entertainment and lifestyle series, Tiger Beat Entertainment, featuring Jennifer Lopez later on in the year.

Posted by April Revake.