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Point out your product with Pinterest

Content marketing is one of the biggest buzzwords in social business today, with companies across a number of industries pushing their brand, products and services online.

With an increasing audience of consumers using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there's no reason to delay putting together your content strategy.

Facebook and Twitter campaigns are often used by companies to engage with their audiences, but one other platform that you should also make sure to consider is Pinterest!

This image-based social website is all about sharing pictures, infographics and statistics most relevant to your company and its activities.

Pinterest is a fantastic way of introducing consumers to your line of products and services, providing an interesting and compelling way to learn about your company.

What's even better is that by clicking on these images, potential customers can be sent directly to your website, driving traffic!

'Rich' Pins

There are three pin functions available on Pinterest: product, movie and recipe.

Movie pins allow Pinners to learn about about new films, their ratings, cast members and reviews, while recipe pins have cooks "excited to hit the kitchen" with new food trends, creative ways to cook up ingredients and to-die-for dishes to try.

Product pins are great for helping shoppers decide whether or not they want to make a purchase, with these providing details such as availability, price and where you can buy the product.

Pinterest Partner Marketing Manager Kevin Knight shared some ways product pins can help your business, these include: getting higher click-through rates than regular pins, making your brand more visible with your logo appearing on the pins, being more likely to appear in a category feed (eg – Men's fashion) and including automatically updated details such as price changes.

Posted by April Revake.