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Popularity poll: Google, Apple, Facebook or Twitter?

It's not a popularity contest… or is it?

In the United States, ABC News and the Washington Post recently asked Americans to vote for their favourite technology company.

They were asked to acknowledge whether they were in favour, indifferent or against Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter. 

Despite the huge popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook – which has approximately 850 million monthly active users – Google came out on top.

An impressive 82 per cent of Americans are in favour of the search engine over anything else – good news for those who incorporate Google into their content marketing strategy.

Apple came a close second, with 74 per cent happy with the company's work and Facebook was third at 58 per cent.

Twitter was the only company to reveal negative results, with more people finding the social network unfavourable than favourable. 34 per cent appreciate it, 36 per cent are not impressed and 31 per cent are indifferent.

This suggests that people are still struggling to comprehend how the micro-blogging site works.

However, when used correctly as part of the right social media strategy, it can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Here in Australia, a recent report suggests that whatever technology companies you support, the internet is definitely where the future of media is headed.   

Google commissioned The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to research the impact of digital media on the economy.

Culture Boom: How Digital Media Are Invigorating Australia found that your average Aussie now spends approximately 21 hours a week on the internet – a figure that is encouraging economic growth.

"Growth in the media sector is being driven by online activity. Of the $2.9 billion expansion in annual revenue from 2007 through 2011, 40 per cent was generated online," the report stated.

Whether you choose Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple – now is a good time to get connected and start to explore how the internet can help you grow your business.