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President Obama tweet breaks Justin Bieber record

Tuesday (November 6) was historic for a number of reasons, not least of which was the re-election of the United States' first African-American president, as well as an exciting new Twitter record.

Obama announced on Twitter that he had won a second term as the leader of the free world with a tweet "four more years" and a photo of the president embracing the first lady, Michelle Obama.

He broke Justin Bieber's record of more than 200,000 re-tweets when the Canadian pop singer gave a tribute to a fan who was dying of cancer.

Not only was Obama's post re-tweeted more than any other in history, but the photo of the embrace broke Facebook records as the most liked photo of all time,with over 3.6 million approvals.

The day proved to be a test for Twitter as over 874,000 election related tweets were sent a minute, according to Mazen Rawashdeh, vice president of infrastructure operations engineering at the micro-blogging site.

"These numbers reflect the largest election-related Twitter conversation during our six years of existence.

"Seeing a sustained peak over the course of an entire event is a change from the way people have previously turned to Twitter during live events," he said.

Previously spikes in activity occurred for brief seconds, but the election night saw sustained increased activity for hours on end.

Both candidates took to social media during the campaign, with Mitt Romney and Obama conducting Twitter and Facebook campaigns to attract voters and get them into the booths.

Twitter also provides a window for international politics with many world leaders tweeting their congratulations, including Australian prime minister Julia Gillard and British prime minister David Cameron.