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President Obama’s State of the Union address gets social media treatment

President Barack Obama is definitely no stranger to social media, with his Facebook and Twitter posts from the 2012 American election breaking records for the most likes, retweets and favourites.

Obama's social media strategy triumphed over that of fellow presidential nominee Mitt Romney, with the President's team really making his presence felt online with fresh content regularly posted to his Twitter and Facebook pages to keep followers engaged.

On Tuesday February 12 at 21:00 ET, President Obama will give his State of the Union (SOTU) address, reporting on the condition of the nation as well as outlining his legislative agenda for the months ahead.

Following his SOTU address, Obama will hold an "Open for Questions" panel at 22:30 ET live from the White House, during which the public can send their questions about the speech through Twitter with the hashtag #WHChat or on the White House Facebook and Google Plus pages.

The White House's director of Digital Strategy Macon Phillips posted on the White House blog on February 11 that they will be introducing some "exciting new features" in conjunction with Obama's SOTU address.

An enhanced version of the President's speech, offering facts, charts and other information will be made available when Obama addresses the nation, with people able to watch a live stream on the White House website and through mobile apps for iPhone, Android and iPad.

There will also be official White House presences on YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, Hulu and Ustream.

The Associated Press reported on February 11 that some of the key issues Obama will raise in his address are jobs and the budget, immigration, climate change and gun control.

Phillips added that a new tool called Citizen Response will also be introduced, allowing users to highlight a passage from the SOTU address, tell the president how they're connected to the issue and share this specific part with friends.

On Thursday February 14, President Obama will take part in a "Fireside Hangout" which is a "completely virtual conversation" hosted by Google.

This session will have Obama answering questions from Americans around the country about the issues and policies detailed in his speech.

Anyone can submit their questions for the president on the White House YouTube channel, with the hangout going live at 16:50 ET on the White House website and Google Plus page.

Posted by April Revake.