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Presidential candidates and social media

The final debate in the run-up to the November election to decide the leader of the free world was met with online interest, with many people trying to come up with the funniest quip about the two candidates, president first name here Obama and governor Mitt Romney.

Obama has many more followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter than Romney and the president's online presence is more comprehensive because the governor doesn't use it as much  – the president tweets around 15 times a day but Romney tweets much less.

Obama has been known as the social media president since his campaign in the run-up to the 2008 US election, in which he by mobilised his voter fan base via a Facebook and Twitter campaign, as well as more traditional campaign methods. During his term in the White House, the president has continued to use Facebook as a forum for discussion and debate, hosting town hall meetings via the social networking site.

When you look on the respective candidate's pages it shows how much of a lead Obama has, with over 21 million followers on Twitter and over 30 million likes on Facebook. By comparison Romney has 1.6 million Twitter followers and just 10.4 million Facebook likes.

After Hurricane Sandy, Obama and Romney have both utilised social media to express their good wishes for the people caught up in the storm. Obama has retweeted the Red Cross appeal which is looking to generate funds to assist in the recovery efforts. Mitt Romney as well has used social media reiterate his concerns about the hurricane and has also sought support from the American public towards the Red Cross.

By Tim Wright