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Promoted Trends: A Twitter campaign essential

Twitter's a great way to observe the hot topics of the moment, where your company can get in on the buzz by posting a tweet related to these conversation starters.

In order to get more from your Twitter campaigns, however, you need that extra boost offered by effective advertising tools such as Promoted Trends.

This feature appears at the top of Twitter's Trending Topics list with a 'Promoted' tag clearly labelled on it.

If a Twitter user clicks on a Promoted Trend they will see the search results for the topic with the advertisers relevant Promoted Tweet at the top.

These trends are viewable to all Twitter users and are prominently placed on the sidebar, allowing for massive exposure on the platform.

Advertisers have the ability to target their Promoted Trend by country, or reach millions more by pushing their trend to a global audience.

A Promoted Trends infographic from Twitter reveals that the tool helps to turn users into "brand advocates", making them more likely to speak positively about a company and retweet their posts.

Brands also witnessed a 32 per cent rise in retweets, 30 per cent lift in positive mentions and 22 per cent increase in brand conversation following two weeks of exposure.

Dmitriy Molchanov, manager of Sales Intelligence at Twitter posted on September 11 that Promoted Trends can "work as strong complements" to key events and product launches to drive advocacy and boost conversation about a brand.

Mr Molchanov also posted that Promoted Trends have "long-term impact", with companies still having a 20 per cent rise in brand mentions and 22 per cent increase in positive mentions three weeks after the trend was first used.

He says to use Promoted Trends "more strategically" not only to complement one-off product launches but also as "air cover to prop up other campaigns with flight dates that span three weeks or longer".

Posted by April Revake.