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Property Boss: Q&A with Content Writer, Branko Marcetic

From geeky property facts to singing like The Boss. We caught up with Branko Marcetic, one of the talented writers on our Property & Finance Desk.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

I enjoy that I get paid to write. But I also love the fact that I get to work alongside a collection of like-minded people who share my interests and sense of humour, as well as the massive learning experience it’s been. Before starting here, I certainly wouldn’t have called myself a property expert, but now I’m researching, writing and talking about it all day.

How did you end up writing for a living?

I studied history at university and had originally thought I’d pursue a career as a historian – which, you never know, I may well do sometime later in life. Rather than going from a Masters to a PhD, though, I decided I wanted to get some broader experience and do something different, so I looked around for a job where I would get to write and someone would pay me for it. Castleford seemed a perfect fit, and as a bonus, they were willing to hire me.

What’s your favourite geeky property fact?

Did you know that it only takes slate and basalt around half an hour to absorb a tablespoon of water, leaving an unsightly stain on the surface? Make sure you seal your natural stone up, people!!

What’s the most unusual subject you’ve had to write about?

We don’t get quite as many strange topics on Property & Finance as some of the other writing teams. But if you’d told me five months ago that someone had invented a self-cleaning paint that breaks down the gas molecules in vehicle emissions, I might not have believed you. The boundary between reality and the world of the Jetsons is becoming thinner and thinner.

What have you done that you’ve been most proud of since you joined the company?

I’ve done a few LinkedIn Publishing pieces recently that generated a bit of buzz and they’ve gotten some nice feedback from clients too. But honestly, the most rewarding thing for me is when someone on my team chats me a line they like from one of my articles. That’s when I know for sure I’m doing something right.

Who’s the go-to person on your team for tips, advice and questions?

This will sound like a shameless cop-out, but it’s true: the great thing about the Property & Finance team is that I can ask a question and everyone is willing to help me out. Max (Associate Content Editor) has a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of our client briefs, Ines (Senior Content Writer) can give you the lowdown on the nitty-gritty details of the real estate industry and Adam (Content Writer) has always got great article ideas to share.

Stretch time is popular in both Sydney and Auckland. What’s your favourite stretch time stretch?

While I still haven’t figured out what I’m meant to be stretching with it, the one I like to affectionately call the “sassy girlfriend” comes out on top for me. As a stretch I could take it or leave it, but seeing a circle of 30 people pull this pose is always entertaining.

Do you have a song lined up for karaoke this evening? If so, can you reveal what it is?

I have only two must-do artists when I sing karaoke: Eminem and Bruce Springsteen. As for specifically which track I’ll go with, I like to let it come to me in the moment – let the song choose me, so to speak.

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