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Purchase push: Twitter followers hold great value for SMBs

Twitter campaigns allow businesses to develop better engagement with their core consumers and followers, sharing exclusive insights, new products and services, and relevant industry news.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may do well to add Twitter to their social media strategy with research from the social platform and Market Probe International finding that nearly three in four (72 per cent) Twitter users surveyed said they are more likely to make a purchase from a SMB they follow.

Around 500 people who follow SMBs on Twitter were surveyed in the US and UK, with the study illustrating that consumers who followed SMBs on the platform were more engaged with the business and therefore more likely to make purchases, recommend, retweet and share positive experiences about the company.

The study also indicated there there was a rise (30 per cent) in people who are likely to recommend a business on Twitter, with this figure essential as these users drive traffic.

A large number of respondents (86 per cent) said they are more likely to visit an SMB if a friend recommends them.

Tim Perzyk, manager of Twitter Ads Research posted in the Twitter blog that followers can not only turn into customers, but they can also help to "spread the word" about your company, leading to more customers.

Many SMB followers (85 per cent) also indicated that they feel "more connected" with SMBs after following them, and when they communicated with these companies on Twitter 82 per cent felt like their message was received.

The top reasons why these users chose to follow SMBs was to get updates on future products (73 per cent), show support for the brand/company (63 per cent) and to interact with them sharing ideas and providing feedback (61 per cent).

Mr Perzyk writes that the study confirms people want to "hear from and interact with SMBs on Twitter".

"Not only that, if you invite ideas from your followers, acknowledge and respond to their feedback and inform them about new offerings, they’ll be more likely to help you grow your business through purchases and recommendations," he posted.

Posted by April Revake.