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Push your Facebook campaigns with Promoted Page Likes

Give your Facebook campaigns just that extra bit of lift with the fantastic advertising tool, Promoted Page Likes!

Facebook announced the global rollout of the feature on April 30, with Promoted Page Likes providing an easier way for businesses to run ads that promote their pages.

Promoted Page Likes were first introduced to U.S. businesses in December last year, with the feature allowing page owners to create ads aimed at gaining new fans directly from their page.

The Facebook advertising feature can be utilised on both desktop News Feed and mobile.

All you need to do to get started is click the Promoted Page Likes panel in the page admin view, selecting your budget and then selecting a location to target your audience.

This tool can be a great asset to your social media marketing strategy, allowing you to build a bigger audience for your page by picking up more likes and finding new customers when people engage with your posts.

Other useful Facebook promotion features you can use are the Page Badge, which helps to showcase your page outside of Facebook on websites such as Blogger.

This helps to direct your audience to your presence on Facebook, displaying your company name, profile picture, status and number of fans.

There are more Facebook Badges that you can take advantage of to share anywhere on the internet, including Profile, Like and Photo Badges.

Sponsored stories are another type of Facebook ad that shows peoples interactions with an event, app or page to their friends.

This could, for example, show one of your Facebook friend’s interactions with a cafe, bringing attention to your company’s page.

Facebook states that people are influenced by what their friends like and connect to, so when someone interacts with your Page, event or app, it creates a story that their friends can view in News Feed.

Posted by April Revake.