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Q&A with Christiana Ding

So Christiana, what were you doing before this?

I joined Castleford fresh out of uni in April 2016 – I didn’t even know what content marketing was back then!

Do people generally understand it these days? I mean, you do content marketing for a company that does content marketing… is that hard to explain to friends?

Not really. We’re exposed to content marketing every day without realising it… the ad on your newsfeed for a product you’ve been researching; the video you watched while scrolling through Facebook – they’re all examples of content marketing in action. As a content marketing agency, we need to practice what we preach!

Wait, am I being content marketed right now? Because I’m getting this funny feeling I’m inside a sales and marketing funnel…

Well seeing as this blog post is about me and my role here – then yes, you’re right at the top of the funnel!

So how does something like a staff Q&A play a role in content marketing?

A staff Q&A is a classic top-of-the-funnel piece – it’s part of the awareness stage when a potential prospect is looking to gain awareness of your business. In my opinion, it’s important to have as it makes your business more real and adds a personal touch.

Understood. So tell us about your day-to-day then

Marketing is one of the smallest teams in the office, so we work closely with each other every day. My day-to-day includes maintaining the CRM database, managing all inbound marketing notification emails, uploading articles to the Castleford blog [Ed: including this one please], managing our social media platforms, creating our bi-weekly newsletter and internal communication/promotion of all events.

What about Hubspot. Tell us a little about lead scoring and how it works.

Lead scoring is a method we use to rank prospects against a scale that represents their perceived value. Everyone who visits our site is assigned a lead score depending on what actions they take. For example, if a prospect was to download an asset, we’d assign them a higher score than if they were to open one of our emails, but a lower score than if they were to request a demo. The more actions they take, the more points they’re assigned. It’s a good way for us to gauge their interest level and their readiness to take the next step in the buyer decision process.

So when you hand over one of these ‘qualified’ leads to sales for them to call, are they more likely to accept a meeting?

These leads are generally further down the sales funnel which means they already know about our business and are probably considering content marketing – so it’s a perfect time for us to get in touch.

Okay, I’m definitely being content marketed here… let’s change the subject. What’s your favourite:

Food? That’s difficult! Malaysian is definitely my favourite cuisine so I’d say it’s a toss-up between laksa, roti canai or satays – I really can’t choose one! My family is from Malaysia and we go every year just to eat!

Hobby? Traveling and eating (if those are hobbies).

Animal? Turtles! They love to travel like I do – they can travel more than 10,000 miles every year. I got up close and personal with one in Hawaii and was in awe of them!

Last question. If Castleford was an animal, what would it be?

It would have to be the animal that’s in my email signature – a wolf. Wolves work together in a pack, with each individual carrying out their specific role. At Castleford, each team works together to meet the needs of our customers.


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