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Quality content a key focus for Aussie digital marketers

Content lies at the heart of any good digital marketing strategy – and new research from Econsultancy has revealed that quality, conversations and continuous marketing will be the factors that drive Australian content strategy in the year ahead.

The latest observations, posted on the Econsultancy blog last Thursday (February 14), follow on from the publication of the State of Digital Marketing In Australia report, which revealed that digital strategy will continue to be a major area of focus in the year ahead.

To understand how content fits into the bigger picture, it is important to understand how marketing – as well as audience habits – are changing.

The move to 'continuous marketing'

It used to be that marketing campaigns had specific beginnings and ends – but thanks to the advent of social media, dialogue with consumers is ongoing.

Econsultancy blogger Claire Brinkley describes this as a "continuous social media treadmill" and observes that the brands who commit daily to interacting with their followers and fans online stand the best chance of success.

She also points out the value of integrating online and offline campaigns. Instead of focusing a marketing budget on one particular area, she points out that the companies who keep their message consistent and targeted across several platforms could be well-positioned for top results.

Building trust and relationships with social media

Social media not only has an important role to play in business-to-consumer communication, but is also becoming increasingly important in business-to-business (B2B) interactions.

One of the best way to boost the B2B impact of your social media strategy is to make sure you are sharing content that adds value. This doesn't have to stop at blog posts – thinking outside the square and creating meaningful, digestible podcasts and infographics is a surefire way to help your business stand out.

Of course, these are areas where Castleford Media can help – check out our infographics service and find out more about how we can drive your social media marketing campaigns.

Creating great content

Consumers, the report suggests, are becoming more discerning about who and what they follow online – and anything deemed uninteresting or irrelevant can be dismissed with a quick 'unfollow' or by 'unliking' a brand page.

This is why it is so important to have engaging, high-quality content at the heart of your business – and to share it with your fans and followers! Regular blog posts and frequent, relevant social media updates are key to keeping the lines of communication open – and to hooking your audience.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley