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Quality content benefits from Google changes

Recent announcements from Google that it has tightened up its algorithm, to root out more spam and push sites with low quality content down the search rankings, will be welcomed by any websites already investing in a proper content strategy.

Creating thousands of keyword-stuffed pages of no use to human visitors will bring little or no value to your website and could instead see it penalised or even removed from the index entirely.

The practice of burying these pages within websites is likely to be in Google's crosshairs as it steps up its anti-spam efforts. The same is true of sites that scrape content or copy content from other sites.

"We're evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others' content and sites with low levels of original content," Google's Matt Cutts said in last week's announcement.

Now that the changes have gone live, Cutts followed up with a post on his own blog, confirming that sites publishing original content should now out-rank those offering little new to searchers.

"The net effect is that searchers are more likely to see the sites that wrote the original content rather than a site that scraped or copied the original site's content," he added.

Regularly publishing original content remains the best way for sites to maintain and improve their natural search performance. It gives both human users and search engines what they're looking for: something relevant and something fresh.