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Quality experience ‘crucial’ to mobile commerce

As the number of people making purchases through mobile devices increases, so does the need for website owners to offer a quality experience.

These are the findings of the new Mobile Commerce Compendium from Econsultancy, which found that more people are carrying out price comparisons online before making in-store purchases.

However, the amount of people who actually go on to buy items through their mobile devices is still relatively low, raising questions for the ecommerce industry.

Econsultancy pointed out that minimising page weight is one of the most important features of mobile sites, not least because there are so many variations in performance levels and the strength of mobile connections.

Citing statistics from Gomez, the site explained that the number of people who expect pages to load as quickly as they do on a desktop has risen from 58 per cent in 2009 to 71 per cent two years later.

As a result, it is important not to ignore mobile sites as part of a content marketing strategy, as they can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Econsultancy uses Amazon as an example – its highly popular mobile site makes it easy to complete repeat purchases and has gone from strength to strength over the years.

It is estimated that as many as 80 per cent of brands don't have mobile sites, so they could be missing a trick as consumers are keener to make purchases in this way.

However, as has been demonstrated through this study, it is simply no longer enough to provide a mobile site – it has to function efficiently and effectively.

This means making sure that all the content serves a purpose and is able to load quickly, especially as consumers have no qualms about taking their business elsewhere if they aren't getting what they want!

Posted by Emma Furze