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Quora gains new features to complement original content

The structure and presentation of original content can be just as important to a website as the actual message displayed – a reminder that the idiom of 'the medium is the message' still rings true.

This is especially true for interactive sites that rely on user engagement to drive value – such as question-and-answer site Quora, which has recently received a range of updates.

Quora is a site dedicated to providing continually-improved answers to user-submitted questions which – until recently – tended to suffer from disorganised comments and untidy communication methods.

To help improve the overall experience, the website has received long-awaited improvements – most noticeably comment threading, answer voting and image support.

These new features mean that users are now able to reply directly to other users and branch off extended dialogues on specific points.

In turn, readers can now rank the usefulness of these conversations, helping fellow users determine the most accurate response to their query.

The use of images also changes the way in which the site interacts with consumers – instead of having to describe an otherwise complex scenario through textual means, a contributor can simply upload a picture as part of their query to highlight their point – and hopefully gain more useful feedback without the need for extended correspondences.

Another feature that some users have been asking for on other platforms (Facebook, for example), commenters are now able to edit their contributions in place – eliminating the need to delete an entire response when the dreaded typo strikes.

In introducing these changes, Quora has delivered to its users more streamlined interaction process that can could potentially improve the overall online experience for the end user.