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Raising the guest blogging bar [VIDEO]


There’s been a lot of debate recently about guest blogging prompted by an article from Google’s anti-spam tsar, Matt Cutts.

Cutts called time on guest blogging as an SEO tactic, explaining that it had been wrecked by people flooding the internet with badly written articles written purely to acquire links.

If guest blogging is a big part of your content strategy you might be a bit worried that Google is about to hammer your site for breaking its rules.

Rather than abandon guest blogging altogether our advice is to apply the same standards to your links from blogs as you would to any other links that point to your site.

Since Google’s Penguin update websites need to avoid links from dodgy domains like the plague. The same goes for links from crummy blogs.

If you raise the bar and only publish articles on authoritative, high quality sites, it’s likely that the links will still pass some SEO benefit.

To learn more about how guest blogging can still support your content marketing strategy, read Kate’s Insights article, Why guest blogging is down but now out.

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