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Reaching out to mobile users with social media

With more and more people using mobile devices to surf the internet and access web applications, it's becoming increasingly important for brands to have a mobile presence.

According to Google, 15 per cent of searches are now performed on mobile devices, up from 10 per cent six months ago.

Not only are users shifting to mobile devices, the space is looking pretty attractive to marketers. Content and ads on mobile devices have an 11.5 per cent improved clickthrough rate.

But while users are going mobile, Google's survey also revealed that 80 per cent of brands admit they are unprepared to deliver their products and services on mobile platforms.

There was a great article this week on the Search Engine Land blog about the importance of getting websites in a mobile-friendly state, particularly where links are concerned.

Having a website that users can access on mobile devices is likely to become more of priority in the coming months, but organisations should have a look at social media as a potential shortcut.

If you're a company or non-profit regularly publishing original content on your website, you should look at pushing it out through a Twitter account, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

These three popular social media brands all have apps on leading mobile platforms – and in some cases they come pre-loaded on the devices.

If you have a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn presence you have a ready-made route to your mobile users.

Tweeting the headlines from your blog or posting special offers on your Facebook page enables you to reach your target audience via their mobile apps, which should keep them nicely engaged while you get your website mobile-ready.