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Reaching the mobile user: Tips for businesses using Instagram and Vine

Around seven years ago, you probably would have been targeting your social media marketing activities at audiences at home or in the office – you might not have even had a social media strategy in place back then!

With the immense rise of smartphones and tablets, and mobile internet in general, there has never been more opportunity for companies to engage further with their customers.

Has your business considered adding mobile apps such as Vine or Instagram to its content strategy?

Millions of people around the globe stay in the loop of what their friends and favourite brands are doing through these apps. Instagram allows users to view and record pictures and short videos, with Vine allowing people to unleash their creative talents with looping videos.

Here are a few tips on how you can enhance your social media strategy with these two apps.


Twitter started 'em and now other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram are making use of hashtags.

When posting pictures and videos on your account, make sure to use appropriate hashtags that are relevant to your subject. This way, you could have more users viewing your content and potentially following your company!

It may pay to run a few hashtag searches in Instagram to see which tags are most popular with users, so you know which are the best to bring in the most viewers.

If you want to create compelling pictures, check out Instagram's essential photo taking and editing tips.


Video loopers Vine shared some new features to enhance users' experience earlier this month, including camera tools, 'revining' and 15 channels on which users can submit posts or browse.

The Vine camera comes equipped with new grid, focus and ghost tools to make shooting fantastic videos even easier.

There are new channels, including music, comedy and nature, that you can submit your videos to or browse from the Explore screen. This makes it easier to target your videos to appropriate categories.

Just as Twitter has retweets, Vine has introduced revining which allows users to share your posts with all their followers – in one easy tap!

Posted by April Revake.