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Reasons to update your cover photos and make Facebook’s Timeline work for you

You may have noticed that Facebook has made some changes to the way it allows brands and individuals to tailor their online image.

But few people will be aware of the enormous marketing potential that lies behind these simple, yet often highly effective updates.

Take Timeline for example – the ability to post large images in the form of banners was met with widespread criticism from various quarters, but is now an important part of any brand's corporate communications strategy.

A recent study by EyeTrackShop for Mashable has found that when it comes to Timeline, the cover photo is your best asset.

Researchers tracked the eye movements of 30 participants who were asked to examine the before and after profiles of brands that have recently adopted timeline including pages for the Dallas Cowboys, Good Morning America, The Muppets and Pepsi.

So far as eye-catching headlines go, it seems that a good cover photo will garner more attention than comments on your Facebook wall or other forms of unique content.

According to EyeTrackShop 100 per cent of participants looked at Facebook cover photos on Timeline.

However, this same group was also less likely to notice things like wall comments or other forms of brand information, instead favouring ads, navigation buttons and logos.

So when it comes to boosting the number of likes your page has or making sure that new events get noticed then it pays to use a slick cover photo.

Having these applications sitting just below the viewer's line of sight, rather than to the right of the screen, meant that they receive more than just a cursory glance and actually help promote interest.

Ads, however, are another story and it seems that they were more visible on FacebookBrand Pages rather than Timeline – with only 30 per cent to 40 per cent or participants registering ads on Timeline compared to 80 per cent on Facebook Brand Pages.

Posted by Aimee McBride