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Recruiters target social media accounts: LinkedIn

obseekers are all too aware of the role social media can play in the employment process, with many people opting to shutdown their profiles rather than face the wrath of employers.

But in some cases keeping your profile up to date could help you land a new job or climb the corporate ladder.

An increasing number of employers are looking to attract what's referred to as 'passive talent' candidates – those who are already employed and may be looking to take on a new role.

Recent studies show that the vast majority or 92 per cent of senior recruiters in the US will look to employ someone who already has a job – which means that if you are unemployed or between jobs getting a foot in the door is the first step toward long term career success.

They are also turning to social media sites as a quick way of determining the skill set and availability of potential employees.

So what can you do to maximise career success even when you aren't necessarily looking for a new job?

Well, it seems that having what those in the industry call a live resume will have the desired impact.

While some people may raise their eyebrows over such practices, it looks like for the time being they are here to stay.

Spending a few minutes updating your resume used to mean tidying up a CV and tailoring it to meet certain job criteria, but in an internet savvy world it now means cleaning up your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

"With the rise in sources of passive talent, recruiters need a simple and intelligent way to grow, track, and stay in touch with their talent pipeline," said Parker Barrile head of products for LinkedIn Hiring Solutions.

"We're dedicated to building best-in-class products to help recruiters connect talent with opportunity worldwide, and Talent Pipeline is the next step. It’s an easy extension of the sourcing that recruiting teams already do on the network today."

Posted by Aimee McBride