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Remember to include YouTube in your social media strategy

It's no secret that if you want to have a great connection with consumers online, you need to have a solid social media strategy in place.

Social media is the platform that many people engage with today to maintain and foster relationships, network and create connections, and also scout what the latest trends or topics of discussion are.

Facebook campaigns are a huge necessity for many big companies, with airlines using the platform to provide customer service and advertise deals, and food companies revealing new products and encouraging consumer engagement with competitions allowing people to win food packs or find new flavours for a product.

Although Facebook is frequently used, you also shouldn't forget to include websites such as YouTube in your social media marketing plans!

Uploading product advertisements or even just a weekly vlog can help to reach more people online – plus people can share your videos on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The YouTube statistics indicate even more reason to have it part of your strategy with over 800 million unique users visiting the site and over four billion hours of video watched each month.

YouTube is also localised in 43 countries and across 60 languages, with millions of subscriptions happening each day. People can subscribe to your YouTube channel following the videos you upload and are interested in – keeping up with your activity on the site.

An infographic from OpenSlate has taken an in-depth look into the top 1000 most-watched channels, assessing which video categories generate the most views and how big their social followings are.

Music was the biggest category that made up the top 1000 YouTube channels with 25 per cent of the share, followed by gaming (20 per cent), comedy (14 per cent), entertainment (13 per cent) and 'how to' & style (seven per cent) to round up the top five.

The top 1000 YouTube channels also have a broad social media following with over 2.5 billion likes on official Facebook channels and 624 Twitter followers – where the average YouTube 1000 channel generates 44,000 social interactions on Facebook each week.

Posted by April Revake.