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Remember to target senior citizens with your social media strategy

The social media world is often focused on the younger generation, from 'tweens' onwards to those in their early 30s.

When creating your social media marketing campaigns you have to consider all of those that jump online, particularly if your company's audience falls outside of this age group and caters more to the older generation.

While traditional forms of media, such as newspapers, TV and radio are still popular with older age groups, a recent report has shown that people aged over 50 make up a big chunk of those accessing the internet.

Nielsen's Australian Online Landscape Review (January 2013) revealed that people aged 35 to 49 made up over one-quarter (27.1 per cent) of online Australians, while those aged over 50 made up almost one-third (30.6 per cent).

According to a Forbes article, those 65 years and older are the "fastest growing users of social media".

Forbes says that this age group isn't only using an email account, but that they are also active on Facebook, searching on Google and watching videos on YouTube.

"There are currently 39 million people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, making them the fastest growing age demographic on these sites," Todd Wilms writes in a May 20 Forbes article.

Vice president of client relations at fishbat, Justin Maas, says that there is no reason why businesses shouldn't connect with senior citizens.

"While it's important for brands to engage with younger crowds, they shouldn't leave out elders who are waiting for their voices to be heard," Mr Maas said.

"Brands should begin to experiment advertising to seniors now, so they can prepare for more computer-literate seniors in the future. If marketers can tap into the senior demographic with online advertising, it could be extremely lucrative."

Posted by April Revake.