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Report reveals Australian content marketing benchmarks and trends

When it comes to assessing content marketing trends, it's often American or British research we find, but a newly released report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the Association for data-driven marketing and advertising (ADMA) has finally provided an Australian perspective.

The report unearths the state of content marketing in Australia and the "benchmarks, budgets, and trends" for 2013.

Founder of the CMI Joe Pulizzi posted in a February 25 article that Australians have "embraced content marketing more than their North American peers have", with the report revealing that a massive 96 per cent of Australian marketers surveyed use a content marketing strategy.

Australian B2B marketers were found to use content marketing more often with 98 per cent of respondents confirming they used a content strategy, while 94 per cent of their UK B2B peers and 91 per cent of North Americans employed its use.

When rating the effectiveness of content marketing tactics, Australian respondents ranked in-person events, case studies, eNewsletters, research reports and mobile content among their top five.

North American and UK marketers considered webinars and webcasts to be effective tactics, with Australian marketers not generally sharing this idea, as it ranked the lowest in the range of tactics for its effectiveness.

An average of four social media platforms are used by B2B and B2C marketers in Australia, with LinkedIn the most favoured by B2B marketers (76 per cent) and Facebook (85 per cent) the most used by B2C marketers.

Other platforms that rated high in use by Australian marketers were Twitter and YouTube.

The top content marketing goal cited by Australian marketers in the report was brand awareness (73 per cent) followed closely behind by engagement (71 per cent).

Customer retention and loyalty (68 per cent) came in third for organisational goals in content marketing, followed by customer acquisition (67 per cent).

The top challenge which Australian content marketers said they had faced was producing engaging content, a problem that is shared by North American and UK marketers alike.

Posted by April Revake.