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Retail top dog for brand engagement on social media

Brands have been boosted by the use of social media, with many having an effective social media strategy in place to entice consumers with engaging Twitter and Facebook campaigns.

These brands will often post interesting, original content that will draw their target market in and appeal to their emotions, carefully crafting what time they make the post and the kind of engagement they want the content to create.

An infographic from Australia's Marketing magazine has identified retail as the top category for brand engagement on social media, with these kind of sites often posting seasonal trends, new products or services and other information to keep their customers in the loop.

This is especially important in the lead up to Christmas, with many retail stores expected to become a lot more active in the next few weeks, suggesting gift ideas and pushing their products.

Movies, TV/radio programs and personalities came in second for brand engagement, followed by restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs at number three, technology at number four and lastly charities or not for profit organisations in at number five.

The infographic also assessed social media numbers across Australia, with Facebook having a huge lead in the number of social media users at 97 per cent, followed by Twitter with 16 per cent, LinkedIn at 14 per cent and Google Plus at 8 per cent.

Researching products and services led the brand engagement activity among users with 83 per cent doing this occasionally, followed by reading reviews/discussions/comments about brands at 71 per cent and watching an online video about a product or service at 59 per cent.

In researching products and services on social media clothing and fashion led the search with 54 per cent, where music was the next choice, closely followed by electrical goods, then cosmetics and beauty, and computers and software to round out the top five.

Desired content was also identified in the infographic with 64 per cent following brands for discounts, 54 per cent for giveaways, 48 per cent for product information and 41 per cent for tips and advice.

So if you're wanting to push your product or service this Christmas, take these figures into account!

Posted by April Revake.