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Retailers get on board with local Facebook campaigns

Local retailers are turning to social networks in a bid to reclaim shoppers lost to online venues.

Westfield has partnered up with selected stores such as Angus & Coote and Cotton On to launch a number of Facebook campaigns under the banner of Check In Deals.

Registered users can check in to any of the shopping malls located in Australia through the social media site and will receive a virtual voucher that gives them a discount.

John Batistich, general manager of marketing at Westfield Group, said that the new Check In deals provide the partners with real opportunities to regain shoppers with localised deals, potentially bridging the divide between online venues and physical stores.

Batistich asserted: "Retail, and particularly the way we can now target shoppers with special deals and discounts, has changed dramatically over the past decade. With tools such as Facebook Check In Deals we’re now able to communicate to our shoppers in relevant and localised ways."

Convenience store franchise Seven Eleven have also signed up for a similar deal.

The social networking sites are hoping that these promotions encourage users to start logging in once more, overcoming the phenomenon known as 'check-in fatigue'.

While many Australian businesses have been slow off the mark to embrace online deals and mobile engagement, the retail sector has been particularly behind the curve.

Studies by the user experience firm Stamford Interactive have shown that only 20 per cent of websites owned by retail firms have been optimised for mobile browsing, compared to nearly 25 per cent on average for other business sectors.