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Retailers turn to digital marketing to win back shoppers

Traditional retail giants like David Jones, Myer and Harvey Norman are battling a number of factors in order to keep their operations profitable.

Tough economic times and the growth in online retailing are both having major impacts on the bottom lines of these businesses.

Retailers are turning to digital marketing to investigate the methods and motives of shoppers who have abandoned their shopping trolleys and opted for the keyboard.

CEO of Lyris digital marketing Dan Hosford said its work with retailers like Harvey Norman is aimed at customising the store's online presence to suit customer needs and improve the loyalty they have with that chain.

"We are delighted to be working with one of the world's top retailers to help them reach their varied customer base with the right message, at the right place and at the right time," he said.

The campaign that Harvey Norman has signed up for looks at setting up a retailer to make their own decisions regarding online presence.

Retailers are also in a position to obtain data that customers provide through social media, email and other mobile technologies so they can learn more about shoppers and their habits.

By creating a content marketing strategy, retailers are hoping to reinvigorate their image and attract customers back.

The news comes as the Sydney Morning Herald reports that some of the biggest retail giants in Australia have signed up for 'Click Frenzy', a comparable event to the United States' 'Cyber Monday'.

The frenzy, which will take place tomorrow (November 20), will look at axing the prices of retailers' online products from anywhere between 15 and 90 per cent.

The organisers are expecting the sales event to attract millions of shoppers, setting a record for online transactions in Australia.

By Tim Wright