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Rise of the tablet: The emergence of the ‘fourth screen’

As computers, laptops and smartphones have become staple items in our everyday lives, another device looks to add itself to the family, with the fast emergence of the tablet.

Popular tablets include the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7  – and these rectangular devices are transforming the ways in which we use social media.

The prevalence of the tablet in today's society was measured by internet analytics company comScore, in an infographic published in June this year.

The study labeled tablets as the 'fourth screen' in people's lives – alongside TVs, computers and smartphones – and looked at the present US tablet consumer, where one in four smartphone owners use a tablet.

Other insights found that it is an equal share of females and males who own tablets, with one in three accessing social networks almost daily, seven in ten playing games, one in four viewers paying to watch videos, half of users listening to music and three in five reading books on their tablet device.

Judging from these results, it sounds as though the tablet is the new established form of entertainment. Where people now read, play, interact, listen to music, connect with friends and do other leisurely activities through their tablet.

This interaction that people have established with their tablet may prove useful for companies and their content marketing strategy, in reaching users with specifically-designed apps with tablet use in mind.

comScore also looked at the factors that played a part in deciding what tablet to buy, with the selection of apps available for the device, brand and price being important.

People want to invest in a tablet that will provide them the best platform possible to receive a wide variety of apps that will assist in everyday life – whether that be in entertainment, social media or shopping.

Ensuring that your company is constantly striving for fresh content on your website will help to push your rankings and social media strategy. This is especially important now that people have tablet and smartphone devices to check updates on the go.

Posted by April Revake