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Rise to the mobile challenge, marketers told

The mobile landscape is something that marketers can no longer afford to ignore – but how should you go about integrating it into your existing strategies?

Companies need to connect all their marketing channels, which includes everything from search to social media, and ensure that mobile forms part of the mix, explained the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey.

However, this is not enough to ensure success – analytics will become increasingly important, as this will help companies keep an eye on how effective their campaigns are.

Adobe recommends integrating analytics from the outset, as this will give companies the chance to review their mobile sites, apps and any other tools they have implemented to make the most of mobile's growing popularity.

One of the main areas that marketers will need to focus on with any content strategy is tablets, which were identified by the report authors as having engagement levels not dissimilar to laptops and desktop computers.

Tablets bring their own unique set of challenges, meaning that marketers need to focus their optimisation efforts on these particular devices, rather than treating them the same way as smartphones.

After all, tablets have a much larger screen size and offer slightly different experiences to handsets, which is something marketers need to be aware of from the outset.

Adobe also highlighted the need for any social media strategy to be optimised for mobile devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones or tablets.

For anyone running Twitter campaigns, this means making sure that tweets are optimised for this particular technology and giving consumers the opportunity to click through to offers and promotions.

Lastly, the group recommends ensuring that mobile pages are optimised in such a way that they do not click through to a desktop homepage – consumers want continuity when accessing content.

Posted by Emma Furze