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Rudd expands his social media strategy

Kevin Rudd's social media strategy has slowly been developing over a period of time, with media speculation that it is in the lead up to a leadership challenge.

The former prime minister has been noted for his presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Instagram as a means of communicating with his followers.

His Twitter account currently has 1.1 million subscribers, while the successor to his prime ministership, Julia Gillard has only 345,000.

How he uses his Twitter account should also be noted, as Mr Rudd takes a more personal approach to the tweets he puts out. He shares photos of his family and even wished a follower a happy birthday.

By comparison, the prime minister seems to take a more formal approach – posting excerpts of speeches and photos of herself walking into the House of Representatives.

News Limited has reported that all this social media activity could be a part of an attempt to garner support.

Mr Rudd's Instagram account has shown a number of photos, ranging from chatting with airport staff, to Skyping with his granddaughter.

In what could be a grass-roots push for the leadership or simply a campaign mechanism, many of his YouTube videos have been uploaded since the January 30 announcement of a September ballot.

Such is the support for Mr Rudd, that there is a Facebook campaign calling for his reinstatement in the Lodge.

One user wrote: "KEVIN …..GET IN THERE AND SET THIS COUNTRY RIGHT ….we're all hurting out here in the back blocks of Aussie."

Queensland University Technology's senior lecturer in technology and electoral law Peter Black told News Limited Mr Rudd is using social media to build on his popularity.

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Posted by Tim Wright