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Samsung vs Apple plays out in court

The continuing rivalry between Samsung and Apple has seen significant developments over the past days.

Yesterday, Samsung continued to offer the new Galaxy S II smartphones for just $2 to the first ten people in line at its pop-up store in Sydney, located within metres of Apple's flagship outlet.

This comes after Samsung announced earlier this week that it had halted the unveiling of a new Google Android phone as a sign of respect for those mourning the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

However – outside of the mobile phone arena – a court decision yesterday afternoon ruled against Samsung, temporarily banning the sale of its flagship tablet in Australia.

The court cases concerns two patents regarding touchscreen technology, which Apple accuses Samsung of "blatantly copying".

NSW federal court justice Annabelle Bennett granted Apple an injunction – blocking the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 device in Australia – with the final verdict on the lengthy patent battle still to be given.

Both companies were back in court today, with Apple arguing that it would suffer unfair losses if its rival was able to sell the product in question.

However, with very few tablets currently on the market, this argument has attracted some criticism.

The court the final form of the orders, released shortly after the proceedings, specify that Samsung will not "import, promote, offer to supply, supply, offer for sale or sell in Australia, any version of the Galaxy Tablet 10.1".

The patent battle isn't limited to Australian shores – the two companies currently have cases in Britain, the US, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands and Italy. Apple has already won a decision in Germany, where sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are banned.

The court has scheduled another hearing for November 1.