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Savvy advertisers ’embracing mobile landscape’

It is no longer an option for advertisers to ignore the mobile landscape, otherwise they run a significant risk of falling behind their competitors.

This is the upshot of a new white paper from Affiliate Window, which found that as more people go mobile, the opportunities for advertising increase.

Traffic through mobile devices has undoubtedly soared over the past few years, with some companies choosing to take advantage of this through offering mobile sites.

The figures speak for themselves – data from ComScore reveals that in the UK, take-up of smartphones stood at 62.3 per cent at the end of last year.

A similar situation has arisen in other developed nations, emphasising just how important it is for mobile to be considered as part of a wider content strategy.

However, not everyone has kept pace – a two-speed situation could soon arise unless the value of mobile marketing is recognised across the board.

Affiliate Window revealed that when it first started collecting data back in January 2011, just 2.3 per cent of traffic originated from mobile devices – in May this year, the figure increased to just over one in five.

Over the same period, the number of sales transactions completed using smartphones and tablets has risen from two per cent to 18 per cent.

One of the main issues that advertisers have to consider is whether they are going to adopt a m.domain, or make use of responsive design.

There are pros and cons to both these methods, Affiliate Window explained, with the former offering a more flexible user experience and the latter requiring minimal technical resources.

The group stressed that Google recently clamped down on retailers that do not follow mobile SEO best practice, so it really is worth investing in a strong content strategy.

Posted by Emma Furze