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Search commentator Barry Schwartz outlines the importance of social media to Google Rankings

Social media is growing in importance to businesses, with more and more companies looking for ways to capitalise on online user networks.

And while there are some brands that are slow to take on this medium, it seems that others are steaming ahead, especially in the world of e-commerce.

But it is the importance of social media to search that has captured the attention of commentators, especially after the full-roll out of Google+.

In a recent video blog (February 17) Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable, took a closer look at the role social media plays in Google rankings.

He said that company's which refuse to go social will fail to benefit from the organic traffic these sites offer brands by increasing user traffic.

"The question is: how much is social going to be a ranking factor? Google + is being pushed very hard at Google, there is some personalisation at a high level in terms of if you log into a Google + account, what your friends see is related somewhat to the Google+ network," he said.

Mr Schwartz was also quick to point out the significance of sharing unique content, as well as the indirect boost this can give websites.

According to Schwartz this is really just a visibility issue – when people +1 or like a site on Facebook it increases the chance that other people may see the link or click on it and visit the original source.

The obvious advantage of this is twofold in the sense that businesses benefit from increasing online exposure and e-retail.

Consumers often make decisions based on trust, which means that if a product is going to be purchased online based on a recommendation from friends on a social media site they are really making a judgement call based on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Posted by Aimee McBride