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Search Engine Land rules on Google penalty stories [VIDEO]


Search Engine Land, the well-regarded SEO blog, published an open letter on Friday about Google penalties.

The letter explained their new editorial policy on reporting stories about major brands whose sites had been penalised for breaking Google’s rules.

Something we notice a lot at Castleford is the difference between how Google search works down here in Australia and New Zealand, compared to the US.

In the US, Google’s search results are scrutinised on a daily basis by bloggers, tweeters, SEO experts and full-time Google-watchers.

That scrutiny just isn’t there in smaller markets like Australia and New Zealand and that’s noticeable when you look at the results, particularly for highly-competitive keywords.

In the US, there are so many stories about brands breaking the rules that Search Engine Land are saying they won’t routinely report on them anymore.

Instead they’ll be looking for evidence of real news value in each case, which I guess is bad news for anyone hoping a paid link scheme they’ve unearthed will earn them their five minutes of fame.