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SEO commentator Tom Schmitz talks about content

With so many companies completing their year-in-review updates, it was refreshing to stumble across an article that was all about looking forward.

Search Engine Land columnist Tom Schmitz (@TomSchmitz) told readers that 2012 marks the beginning of a new chapter in SEO.

And in doing so he took the time to point out what the industry is doing well and why he thinks some practices will continue into the New Year, while others will fall by the wayside.

He said: "I am not ready to say the Wild West SEO days are completely eradicated, but in 2011 good search engine optimisation is less about trickery and more about engaging content and audience development than ever before."

Schmitz thinks that professionals working within the SEO space keep getting better at making sure the websites they are responsible for are easily indexed on major search engines, and winning the war against crawling algorithms.

According to the SEO expert there are three things to look out for if you want to excel in the year ahead and make a real impact on the quality of web rankings.

First and foremost the need to "keep it simple" – in this case we are referring to a number of different elements that when drawn together can change the look and feel of any website.

Code should be easy for search engines to read and comprehend, which means making HTML, CSS, AJAX and XML "crawlable".

After this he suggests businesses jump on board the Apple-express and by that he means look to companies that have sleek web designs in place and use them as a starting point for making your own unique branding.

When it comes to content Schmitz was clear about one thing – to stand out brands need fresh content that engages the user.

These days it isn't enough to simply post on Twitter or update your Facebook status, in fact these days unless you are online regularly and building your social authority your brand will find it hard to get noticed.

Posted by Aimee McBride