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SEO experts look to fresh content to boost search engine rankings

It seems that more and more SEO experts are adapting to Google algorithm changes made by realising the potential of unique content.

In Business2Community (January 22) industry commentator Chad Pollitt said that the online landscape was constantly changing, but some marketing professionals were having trouble keeping up to date with the latest techniques and practices.

According to Pollitt the search giant has kept marketers on their toes by regularly reviewing its own indexing system.

He said: "The old days of massive SEO audits, building lots of grey backlinks and page sculpting have been replaced with highly valuable problem solving content that is evangelised and shared throughout social media."

In others words, his comments seem to suggest that the traditional balance of power that saw companies spending more time and money on technical SEO has shifted towards content marketing, with social medial also taking a slice of the pie.

Also, he said that at some marketing firms the work hierarchy has almost turned on its head as writers increasingly influence SEO strategies.

In an attempt to explain why content makers are having a greater say in business decisions, external pressure from search engines that favour unique content made it impossible for the people responsible for producing this work to be ignored.

The parameters set out by Google in the form of Google Panda, as well as the Caffeine update have had a marked effect on the type of pages that rank well on its media platform.

And while some people may question the reasoning behind these decisions, it seems that most companies are adapting by updating their SEO strategy.

As Pollitt says: "Without lots of good quality content it's much harder to maximize organic search visibility."

Posted by Aimee McBride