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Set clear objectives with Facebook campaigns

The key to any successful marketing initiative is to set out a number of clear objectives that are to be followed – and the same can be said with Facebook campaigns.

Although social media marketing may be a relatively new way for companies to target consumers, it should not be treated any differently to any other strategy.

A new whitepaper from the Digital Marketing Depot has shed light on the value that Facebook has for marketers – and how they can maximise it to their advantage.

After all, the study highlights that almost a billion people across the globe currently have access to Facebook, with around 7.5 per cent of page views directed at the social networking site.

On average, a web user will spend around 28 minutes per day on the site, viewing around 18 unique pages each time they visit.

With such a widespread appeal, marketers can no longer afford to overlook Facebook campaigns, but the challenge is to make sure they are maximised to their full potential.

The whitepaper, entitled The Marketer's Guide to Driving ROI from Facebook Advertising, recommended that businesses think carefully about what outcomes they would like to achieve when investing in Facebook marketing.

This needs to be followed up with a firm idea of how these outcomes will be optimised and measured, so they can keep track of how well their campaigns are performing.

Businesses are advised to experiment with new targeting options and ad formats, as this will help ensure they are getting the best possible returns on their investment.

Furthermore, Facebook advertising should be seen as a way of measuring long-term engagement rather than short-term sales – the site's popularity is growing, so this needs to be capitalised on.

Facebook also needs to be viewed alongside other online and offline activities in order to measure its success – use it to complement your other strategies, rather than replace them!

Posted by Emma Furze