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Shared albums: the latest addition to Facebook

It seems that there has been a spurt of social networks trying new things over recent weeks – and Facebook is the latest to add to its portfolio of features.

This time the site has decided to roll out shared photo albums, which give multiple users the opportunity to add images to the same page.

Now you might be asking yourself whether this feature serves any purpose – imagine you've been to a wedding or you and your friends have come back from a holiday together. Shared albums mean you can all upload your memories to the same place, rather than individually.

Everyone is able to view, add and edit photos stored in the album and, of course, users will be given the opportunity to decide who is able to see the images.

There is the option of only allowing the contributors – those who have added or been tagged in pictures – to see the album, friends of contributors or all Facebook users.

At the moment, up to 50 contributors can be added to a single album, each of whom can upload up to 200 images.

There is also not an option for this feature to be added to page albums, meaning it might be some time yet before it can be fully exploited by those running Facebook campaigns.

In recent days, Facebook announced that embedded posts were being opened up to new users for the first time – something that had previously only been accessible to publishers.

Public posts can be added to any blog or website, as site owners are able to directly access the code for the post, which can then be placed on a third party website.

The code is displayed on a drop down menu that appears next to the like page or follow button.

Posted by Emma Furze