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Shining a spotlight on brand marketing

Social media marketing is one tool that companies can't ignore if they want to foster increased business growth and open themselves to significant opportunities offered by online consumers and social networking.

Brand marketing can play a key part in a social media strategy, helping to build and maintain strong relationships with online customers.

The top brand marketing trends for 2013 were detailed in an infographic, with brand trust, brand accountability and brand visualisation some essential elements.

Brand accountability

The Infographic Design Team said that management of social media reputation and transparency are critical. They add that it's important to have a response plan for even the smallest mistake. These can quickly snowball into a big problem for your business if not effectively managed in time.

In a chat with global cloud computing company Salesforce, MediaLink chairman and chief executive officer Michael Kassan said that while campaigns are still "done in secret", the backdrop isn't secret.

"Transparency is one of the most important changes in marketing in the last decade," Mr Kassan said.

Salesforce adds that transparency is a "requirement" for brand-building and engagement.

Brand trust

Build trust in your customers with your social media pages, posting relevant, compelling content and answering customer queries. Things can go sour quickly if you don't carefully manage your Twitter and Facebook campaigns, so appointing a social media manager to oversee these activities and respond to feedback and questions from customers can prove helpful in building and maintaining trust.

Mr Kassan emphasises the importance of communication with customers online.

"You have the opportunity today as a company and as an individual to have the highest level of direct communication with your customer, with your partners, and with your employees. Utilising that capability to its fullest is the key to success in business today."

Brand visualisation

It's all about embracing images in this day and age – text alone simply won't cut it. Social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest are specially optimised for images, so make your posts stand out by using pictures to portray your message.

Posted by April Revake.