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Small business? Get social

When it comes to engaging with customers and promoting their latest and greatest products and services, small businesses are among the most successful Twitter users.

According to the microblogging site, many smaller firms were among the first to embrace social media as a communication tool – fostering relationships and encouraging dialogue between businesses and individual consumers.

"Today, some of the most effective marketing campaigns we see come from small, local or internet-only businesses," a recent post on the Twitter Blog observed, noting that brands that post photos or hold contests tend to have the most popular social media campaigns.

A number of Aussie businesses – both big and small – are getting into the social media spirit too. For example, Pizza Capers – which is based in Brisbane and has stores across Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and South Australia – frequently runs popular Twitter competitions for its customers.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, it invited fellow Twitter users to submit their favourite chat-up strategies using the hashtag #cheesypickuplines, and a current initiative encourages people to enter a new Footy Tipping competition on Facebook for the chance to win seats to a selected sporting event.

Likewise, popular tea retailer T2 uses Twitter to answer customer queries, run competitions and respond to feedback, in addition to sharing plenty of pictures and interesting links with its fan base.

If you are already using fresh content to spread the word about your businesses to new and existing customers, it's easy to take the next step and venture into the world of social media.

By tweeting the headlines of your latest blog posts, or sharing them on your company Facebook page, you can begin to build an interactive brand and make direct connections with your customer base.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley