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Small businesses more organised when it comes to content marketing

Small businesses often struggle with content marketing as they’re usually lacking in time, resources and expertise. However, recent statistics have revealed that many small businesses have a better structure in place than larger organisations.

Last month the Content Marketing Institute released the 2014 B2C Content Marketing Research and 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research reports, which revealed that small businesses are more likely to have a documented strategy in place, a person in charge of online content, and a more ambitious budget than larger businesses.

The two studies interviewed B2B and B2C businesses of all different sizes, categorising a small business as having between 10 and 99 employees and large business as having more than 1,000.

The studies found that 46 per cent of small B2C businesses and 48 per cent of small B2B businesses have a documented content marketing strategy, compared to 41 per cent of large B2B and B2C organisations.

Although small businesses are often lacking in resources and expertise, the studies found that smaller businesses are more likely to have a person designated to overseeing the strategy to ensure it is executed effectively.

The results revealed that 69 per cent of small B2C businesses had a person in charge of the content strategy, compared to 58 per cent of larger B2B businesses. Around 78 per cent of small B2B businesses have someone carrying out the strategy, as opposed to 58 per cent of larger B2B businesses.

The main challenge facing many small businesses is having a tight budget. However, the studies found that on average B2C businesses allocate 24 per cent of their marketing budget to online content, compared to larger businesses that spend around 19 per cent. The studies also found that small B2B businesses plan to increase their content budget by an average of 60 per cent over the next year, compared to 52 per cent of large businesses.

Large businesses definitely have more resources at their disposal, but it seems that these small businesses are far more invested in ensuring that their content strategy is carried out effectively. The reason for this could be that small businesses have a lot more to lose if their online content is not successful.

Posted by Dylan Brown