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Smaller screens grab mobile TV viewers’ attention

Rather than waiting to return home to catch up on a show, we can now bring our TV viewing habits to our smartphones.

Our phones today have greater internet apps that allow us to access top videostreaming sites such as YouTube, and on-demand viewing options are often available for your favourite soaps and TV shows.

According to new study findings from the Council for Research Excellence (CRE), mobile viewers pay more attention to TV content when they watch it on smartphones than when it is playing on larger devices.

These viewers performed unrelated multitasking on electronic devices only 14 per cent of the time they watched TV programs on their smartphones, compared to 34 per cent of the time for TV set viewing, 31 per cent for computer (desktop and laptop) viewing and 27 per cent for tablet viewing.

The study, TV Untethered, also revealed that those watching TV shows on a smartphone were more likely to engage in online activities related to that show – a clear sign that companies need to optimise their Facebook and Twitter campaigns to the mobile user.

Mobile viewers looked up show information or posted about it on their social networks on 39 per cent of smartphone viewing occasions, the highest percentage for any method of TV viewing.

The CRE's Media Consumption & Engagement Committee oversaw the study. Committee co-chair and 20th Television Fox head of Research Joanne Burns commented on the findings along with research director of LIN Media Laura Cowan.

"People are bringing devices from room to room, and out of the home, and on their commutes.  TV sets still rule in the home, even for the younger demographics – but elsewhere, and even in the home for multi-taskers, smartphones are becoming an important device for viewing professional TV content," Ms Burns said.

Ms Cowan added that these insights into how people 'screen-shift' TV content show there are new opportunities to reach a desirable audience.

Posted by April Revake.