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Smartphone market expected to grow even further

It seems that everyone has a smartphone these days – from tech-savvy teens to older generations, a handset with all the bells and whistles is a must-have accessory.

Despite the obvious popularity of smartphones, new figures indicate that the market could soon be set to grow further – perhaps even doubling by 2017.

The Mobile and Wireless Communications Report from IHS predicts that 1.5 billion units will be shipped in 2017, marking a significant rise from the 712 million last year.

So what is the reason behind this trend? Consumers undoubtedly want to be seen with the latest handsets, meaning that manufacturers are fast producing models that will satisfy this craving.

Wayne Lam, senior analyst for consumer and communications at IHS, noted that all the main players are keen to have the latest must-have smartphone.

He continued: "The possible slowing growth of the iPhone and the rapid pace of competitive smartphones releases speak to the ferocious nature of the handset business, especially now as the market continues to pivot from a market dominated by lower-end handsets known as feature phones to one that is increasingly smartphone-centric."

What does this rise in smartphone popularity mean for your content strategy? As more people access the internet using mobile devices, it is no longer an option to simply ignore what customers want.

Offering a website that is optimised for mobile is essential these days, as people simply don't have the time or inclination to wait for content-heavy standard sites to load on their devices.

Furthermore, companies must make sure that they offer mobile-friendly content that can easily be read on the smallest of screens – people are generally time-poor, so information needs to be made available quickly.

Smartphones have done far more than shape the retail landscape, as they've also taken their toll on marketing agendas!

Posted by Emma Furze