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Smartphone users researching products online but not buying

With the sudden increase of mobile users perusing the internet, many businesses have altered their content marketing strategy to meet them halfway.

Although marketing towards these devices will undoubtedly become more prominent in the future, it is important to know that at this stage the majority of consumers are only using their mobile phone to do further research on products but not to make final purchases.

The amount of smartphone users has increased rapidly in past few years with 65 per cent of US mobile subscribers using a smartphone in 2013, up from 56 per cent at the beginning of the year, according to Nielsen.

A recent survey by Marketing Land and SurveyMonkey asked consumers what they use their phone for when shopping in stores.

The survey found that 66 per cent of respondents use their smartphones to do research products in-depth.

This research mainly included comparing prices (31 per cent), looking for offers or deals (30 per cent), consulting with friends or family about the purchase (30 per cent), and searching for product reviews (27 per cent).

While the amount of consumers shopping online has increased, the number of people using their smartphones to make purchases is yet to catch on.

Only 14 per cent of respondents said they buy products on their mobile, while a further 11 per cent said they only buy on their mobile if they have no other option.

The major obstacle stopping mobile users from making a purchase is that checking out and paying is too difficult.

Respondents also said it’s important for brands to have websites that appear in full screen and load quickly.

Therefore having an easily accessible website with quick and useful online content is going to get you a long way. Even though these users aren’t making purchases through their phones just yet, they can still definitely be persuaded to shop in store.

Posted by Dylan Brown