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Social media a ‘reliable’ and fast channel for customer contact

Customer service is a vital element of business, and it's a top duty for companies to ensure that they are listening to feedback and promptly addressing any issues raised.

Call centres, emails and direct face-to-face contact are some ways businesses deal with customer concerns, but social media is increasingly becoming a platform for these communications.

New study released by eDigitalResearch revealed that social media was the quickest and most reliable form of customer contact, with around 80 per cent of consumers hearing back from a brand they recently contacted within 12 hours through social media platforms.

This was significantly higher than the 37 per cent who heard back (in the same time frame) when contacting through email.

eDigitalResearch Commercial Director Derek Eccleston said that while there are still a limited number of consumers using social media to get in touch with brands – around 2 per cent – it is the only channel that currently ensures consumers receive a response following their initial contact.

"If a customer decides that they need to contact a company, their experiences should be the same no matter what channel they use," Mr Eccleston said.

"Obviously there are obstacles (such as the time delay with post) that some channels need to overcome or find a work around for."

He adds that these results show there are currently "major disparities" across customer touch points, where teams should work together to provide the "best contact experience possible".

The eDigitalResearch white paper, Customer Experience Management: Keep your customers smiling by better managing their brand experiences, assessed how customer loyalty differs across the industries and looked at the different ways contacting a brand can affect the overall customer experience.

More than 2,000 consumers took part in the online survey by the research company, where supermarkets were found to have the highest levels of customer loyalty. Over half of the respondents (54 per cent) said that they 'almost always' visited one brand over the others in the sector.

Posted by April Revake.