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Social media a top tool for employers

Have you been busy lately looking for a job? Handing in your CV personally at workplaces, applying on job seeker websites and networking around just trying to land a position, but having no luck?

Well you might want to try using social networking sites!

Over 1,000 human resources and recruiting professionals around the globe were surveyed in the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2012, which found that a staggering 92 per cent of respondents were using or planning to use social media for recruiting.

The survey results also highlighted the most favoured social networks being used for recruitment, with LinkedIn topping the social media platforms at 93 per cent, followed by Facebook at 66 per cent and Twitter on 54 per cent.

LinkedIn had a dominant presence in the report, with 89 per cent of survey respondents saying that they had made a hire through the platform, with Facebook lagging behind at 26 per cent and Twitter at 15 per cent.

The way in which people present their social network profiles was also considered to be important to employers, with 86 per cent likely to look at social profiles.

Poor spelling, posts and tweets of a sexual nature, the use of profanity, references to doing drugs and pictures of consuming alcohol were among the content that would make a bad impression to a majority of the employers in the report.

An infographic, created by Intricate, drew on Jobvite's report, highlighting that 80 per cent of employers like to see professional organisation membership and 66 per cent like to see involvement in charity work or volunteering.

Posted by April Revake.