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Social media an essential tool for the modern traveller

Feeling the urge to escape the cold weather this winter? Tempted to jet off to an island getaway? Well social media could help.

A new infographic from Funsherpa (released July 20) has revealed some interesting statistics about the US travel industry and the way people are using the internet before, after and even during their holidays.

According to the graphic, 87 per cent of travellers are now going online in order to do the majority of planning when organising a vacation or a visit to friends and family.

That digital activity ranged from sourcing the original destination, watching holiday videos and reading blogs and other original content from experienced travellers.

The graphic also shows that 70 per cent of people update their Facebook status when on vacation, while 76 per cent choose to post their holiday photos to social networks.

Whether that activity is intended to keep people informed or perhaps just to make them jealous isn't made clear.

The importance of a good social media strategy for travel agencies was also demonstrated, as 50 per cent of travel companies surveyed said that they were generating direct bookings from their own social media activity.

Of particular interest to Australian businesses will be the fact that 40 per cent of respondents said that they would post reviews online of their experiences with activities, attractions and restaurants.

This suggests that while social media can be a great tool for attracting tourists and visitors to your service, it is also important to provide a quality service, as people are now able to share their experiences with the world.

Funsherpa is an online US-based service for purchasing and gifting 'experiences' such as a "Morning Skyline Cruise" or a "Science Museum Experience" online.

By Zak Wash