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Social media and property selling: A match made in heaven?

Real estate companies, property developers and those interested in selling their homes are using the powers of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to their advantage, to create a buzz around their properties with clever social media marketing strategies.

The potential of having hundreds and even thousands of people view your property is all too alluring and having a social media strategy in place to market your home may be the ticket to the sale.

The Herald Sun reported on February 21 that a man in Melbourne north sold his property $135,000 above his reserve, where he and his real estate agent used a blog, website, Twitter feed, Picasa photo page and made YouTube videos to promote his house online.

Encouraged by his success, many homeowners have employed these tactics and followed suit. The Inner West Courier reported on a couple (August 15) who have also utilised social media, creating Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest pages, as well as a blog, where it garnered 600 page views in the space of 12 hours of going online.

There are many advantages to advertising your property through social media, one of which is the exposure. Scores of people can view your property, and by word of mouth your property listing can be shared amongst friends through facebook sharing and messaging, re-tweeting on Twitter and using other social media tools.

Not only do you have the potential to gather a huge social audience, it also comes usually at the cost of nothing – only a bit of time and effort is needed to set up the pages, and keep them updated.

An infographic created by Postling and posted on Mashable found that a staggering 84 per cent of real estate professionals are now using social media. Over half were said to be comfortable using it with the most popular sources being Facebook, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and then YouTube.

This tool for promotion isn't only limited to the property sector, it can also go for any other product or service that your company is interested in promoting, employing the same social media strategies and tactics.

Posted by April Revake