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Social media big business in Australia

Facebook and Twitter can be great assets to our social lives, allowing us to connect with our friends through wall posts, instant messaging and sharing photos and other content.

It is also an increasing necessity for businesses, with a number of companies having a social media strategy in place.

The Australia and New Zealand Internet Statistics Compendium sheds some light on people's social activities, with the document receiving 2,000 downloads from keen marketers.

Luke Richards of Econsultancy posted in a blog from April that Australia has an internet penetration of almost 80 per cent with 90 per cent of online users using social media, putting it ahead of Canada.

Most of this popularity is said to generate from Facebook, with Richards writing in his blog that the social engine reaches over 50 per cent of the population.

This is the golden nugget for businesses, where they can reach their target audiences at the click of a mouse for free!

It's not uncommon these days for a company to employ a social media specialist or modify roles in the company to incorporate this, where their time is dedicated to posting engaging, fresh content daily, researching their target market and keeping on top of social media marketing trends.

In Econsultancy's State of Digital Marketing in Australia report, around three quarters of Australian client-side marketers were using off-site social media, with 77 per cent of companies expected to increase investment in this area over the next year.

Around 50 per cent of large businesses were said to have an active social media presence in the AIMIA and Sensis report, with about a quarter of medium sized businesses taking part in social media.

Having a social media marketing strategy is essential in ensuring that your company gets the most out of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by April Revake.