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Social media can help you find a job: Harvard Business Review

The writers at the Harvard Business Review (HBR) generally know what they are talking about.  The research magazine is renowned for providing innovative management tips and leadership strategies for its readers.

Contributors range from successful authors to distinguished professors and Adi Ignatus, the former deputy editor for TIME, has been HBR’s editor-in-chief since 2009.

In short, the magazine is a reputable source of information about corporate innovation and leadership. Every day it releases a Management Tip of the Day – and yesterday the tip focused on social media.

Finding work in the current economic climate can be challenging at best, but the HBR are once again reminding job searchers to turn to social media.

Apparently networking sites are a good source of possible job opportunities – if you know how to use them correctly.

“More and more people are finding jobs via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites,” the HBR management tip reads.

“These media aren’t changing how we look for jobs, they are simply rebooting the traditional habits of successful job hunters and making them easier.”

In other words, social networks have created another avenue for job seekers to browse for vacancies.

It may also speed up the process – instead of spending hours trawling the newspaper or job sites looking for work, searchers can now head straight to the source.

Simply make a list of companies that you would like to work for and take the time to visit their social network pages and keep an eye on corporate updates.

The HBR also advises you to create your own networks by following certain companies on Twitter.

In addition, the magazine suggests that it may be worth employing your own social media strategy, by using the networks as a platform to showcase your professional work.

Posted by Jess O’Connor