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Social media can make or break your career

With the New Year celebrations behind us, many Aussies will have made resolutions to push their careers forward in 2011. When it comes to the modern job market, social media can be a powerful ally, but it can also be your undoing.

As social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn become increasingly popular with individuals and businesses, the way the job market operates is changing.

LinkedIn, for example, provides an opportunity for virtual networking, where members can use their contacts – and their contacts' contacts – to steal a march on the competition.

The site also serves as an online résumé service, allowing professionals to promote themselves and businesses to find out more about potential hires.

It is now becoming increasingly common for organisations to approach people via LinkedIn about job opportunities, which could help advance your career or in the very least provide a nice little ego boost.

But when it comes to your career, social media is not a one way street. Individuals need to be aware of what they're putting on their social media profiles, as potential employers won't just look at the good stuff.

Pictures of you off your face on New Year might be fun to share with your mates, but make sure they're not publicly available or you'll risk scaring off your future boss. Similarly, those racy shots you hoped would lead to a modelling career could get you fired if the people in HR see them.

A professional and active approach to social media applies to organisations as well as individuals. Businesses of all sizes need to be aware of social media conversations that relate to them or their market. Getting actively involved on the leading platforms will ensure the conversations you want to have are out there when people start Googling your brand.